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Serious Self Defense
Don't be a victim! Learn to
fight back. Effective defenses
for real situations. Respond
to weapons, grabs, chokes,
holds and lethal intent.
Defend yourself from any
direction. Fight on the ground
or when cornered. Be
prepared any time, any place.  
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Grand Master Tien Lung breaking 5 Bricks
What We Do
We teach a system of martial arts that include Shen Tao Tai Chi Chuan, Lung Mo
Hsing-I Chuan, Black Scorpion Ground Fighting and several styles of
Imperia Wu
Tang Chuan
Kung Fu.  Additionally, we teach the Tien Tao (Heaven's Way) System
of spiritual development and healing

History of the Wu Tang Martial Arts
The Wu Tang Martial Arts have a direct lineage from the last ruling Dynasty in China,
called the Ch’ing Dynasty, 1633-1911 A.D. During this time, many Martial Arts were
formulated into cohesive units of training and of study, with much research and
testing by Grand Masters and High Masters along the way. The Internal Arts were
developed in the Red Dragon Temples on the Wu Tang Mountain, one of the five
sacred mountains in China. Hence comes the overall name of Wu Tang Chuan.
The Internal Arts came from Chinese, Tibetan, and Mongolian influences as monks,
priests, and lamas traveled from Mongolia and Tibet to the temples of Mount Wu
Tang to exchange knowledge and teach the many internal secrets developed over
the centuries.

Kung Fu
Kung-Fu in China has always meant the highest spiritual state and genius of
technical skill a person can reach! It does not mean a champion, nor is it some
popular title of an Art. It reflects a level that all great artists, composers, doctors,
generals, poets, architects, political leaders, teachers, monks and priests can
attain. It is like Plato’s Excellence but more. It implies that the person is not just
good in their profession, but something more, that is broader, higher, deeper, and
more spiritually integrated.
Imperial Wu Tang Chuan Symbol