Master Craig Carpenter

Who We Are
We are a school dedicated to the opening of inner awareness and inner worlds
through the teaching and training of Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolian Martial Arts.
These Arts are interconnected to each other and also to higher realms of
awareness, thought, physical capability, and healing energies. We teach through
various forms, meditations, and practices connected with Tai Chi,
H’sing-I, Pa Kua, the 8-Taoist Immortals, 5-Elements, 3-Forces, and the 8-Tibetan
Dragon Animal Arts of Wu-Tang. We are a school of Internal Arts and all that they

Our Goal
Our focus is to give training in these Arts for the development and empowerment of
the individual. Our goal is for students to realize that there are no limits to what they
can accomplish as they develop and focus their attention.

What Internal Arts Can Do For You
We teach Internal Arts. This means a focused concentration and development with
inner strengths and capabilities such as special breathing, energy management
(Chi development and use) and coordinating the inner resources of awareness,
focus, concentration, and physical capabilities with the greater energies of the Tao
or Universal Life Force. The focus is not on how much better you are than someone
else, but rather on how to bring yourself to the best alignment and possible skills
that you can attain. We promote an atmosphere of cultivation and development
rather than that of challenge and defensiveness. As you are always changing while
you grow and achieving finer and finer levels of integration with your capabilities, we
teach a life-long method of attuning yourself to greater and greater levels and skills.

The Tao
A person who follows the Tao, the mystic Way of the Universe, gains a special
energy called Chi. When you hear the wind howl in the caves, see the leaves on a
tree move, you will say it is the wind. But it is not the wind, it is the sound of caves
and leaves! The wind is invisible and beyond definition. You can only know it is
present by what it affects or stimulates. So too, the Tao cannot be studied by itself. It
can only be felt and sensed, and it is usually learned in a profession or Art form. A
picture painted with the Tao affects everyone in the room. It changes some people’s
lives and quietly influences others’ moods without their even noticing! There is an
incompleteness or emptiness that allows the looker to actually add to or become
part of the picture. A person cultivates Chi like The Force in Star-Wars. Chi resides
in all things and flows in all places.
Master Craig Carpenter

Management Science and Information
Systems, and in 2005, he received the
rank of Martial Arts Master. He is the
current Spiritual Patriarch of the Wu
Tang Martial Arts and has been the
Spiritual Advisor to several Martial Arts
Grand Masters.  In 2003, Master
Carpenter was declared a treasure of
the Wu Tang Martial Arts - an award
historically only given to one or two
people per century.

Craig Carpenter is a Master Healer,
Reiki Master, and Bodhi Kan Lama. He
received the Tien Tao (Heaven’s Way)
System as a reward from Grand
Master Tien Lung after energetically
healing the effects of a Death Touch.
Master Carpenter has been teaching
the Tien Tao Healing and Spiritual
Development System around the
country since 1999.