Ground Fighting
Anyone that has watched any of the various multi-style, "ultimate" or "no holds
barred" fighting championships that are now the rage on television knows that the
two fighters are generally only standing for a few seconds before they collide and
crash to the ground where the best grappler wins. Unfortunately most of the
contestants in these fights have little formal training in ground fighting and are
quickly dispatched.

Black Scorpion Ground Fighting is a Martial Art composed of several Wu Tang
Ch'uan Kung Fu Animal Sub-Styles. It includes but not is limited to
•  Centipede, Millipede, and Centipede styles of ground fighting
•  Turtle, Tortoise and Terrapin ground and kneeling fighting
•  Venomous Frog style
•  Poisonous Toad style
•  Lizard Style of wall walking, hanging and climbing
•  Salamander strengthening style
•  Dog Style - a vicious ground fighting, street fighting and brawling style
•  Wolf style - a Northern Shanghai street fighting style

Black Scorpion Ground Fighting is a complete system of ground fighting that
includes numerous stances and postures to transition into as a person moves from
standing, goes down to the ground, and raises back up into a standing stance. It
contains Chin-na (various controls and locks), grappling techniques, throws, and
different ground fighting postures and techniques that allow unusual and
unexpected movements across the ground. Some of these techniques look
deceptively submissive in order to lure the attacker into a false sense of superiority
so that they can be suddenly and unexpectedly dispatched.