Dragon Veins of H'sing-I Ch'uan
Long ago there were terrible battles in H’sing-I. A judge forbade one Master to use
his right arm unless he was attacked by two men or by one man with a weapon!
One of our most famous Grand Masters was called Divine Crushing Hand because
he killed over a hundred men in duels.

H’sing-I is not concerned with the body beautiful. One of our greatest Grand Masters
weighed over 350 pounds and yet could defeat a foe without witnesses seeing his
hands move -- he was that fast! A 70 year old Master that barely weighed over 110
pounds could beat all of his students in a mile-long race uphill or downhill.

These examples merely illustrate the reality and power of this Art, which is so little
known in the western world. Most H’sing-I Masters were doctors or priests who
would rather be remembered for the good things they did in the world. They would
have rather spent time on exploring or going deeper into the mysteries of their
Taoist Art than to create a devastating system of combat. Unfortunately, people
looking to get a name or reputation would seek these Masters out for a fight. The
masters would be tracked down even in the quietest spots and sanctuaries they
could retreat to. So when these Masters turned their attention to combat and applied
the high principles of internal power to this area, they came up with something
beyond comparison.

Real internal fighting would involve numerous deaths and cripplings and would be
correctly banned by law. To match or compete means that you must have an
opponent and be one yourself. You cannot have someone you call enemy and have
an inner system of combat. There are no opponents in an internal Art. When you
study it you will easily see why because it is obvious.

H'sing-I is an Art that definitely focuses on combat at the cost of some of the more
rapid Spiritual development that Tai Chi gives at its beginning. The training is not
tough or intimidating. You might spend as much time sitting down in some lessons
as standing and moving. In this Art you must learn how to think and learn how to

Principles Taught in H'sing-I
•  The concept of controlling a dynamic center
•  How to move to certain positions around the opponent where the opponents
     are hard-pressed or helpless
•  The awesome power of circular dynamics versus straight line
•  Utilizing the Five Elements or Chi-states in your body
•  The mysteries of the 8 trigrams from the I-Ching
•  The power of a one-inch H’sing-I punch
•  The doctrine of continuous motion, involving your arms moving in infinite
•  The three types of breathing that the Warrior-Priest uses for energy, quick
     healing or banishing fear
•  The 3,000-year-old 13-Move Foot Postures used to out-maneuver all assaults