This course was created by a lady Grand Master
and is great for women, men, and mature teenagers.

Don't be a victim!
Learn to fight back!

•  Effective Defenses For Real Situations
•  Respond to Weapons, Grabs, Chokes, Holds, and Lethal Intent
•  Defend Yourself From Any Direction
•  Fight on the Ground or When Cornered
•  Be Prepared Any Time, Any Place

    Due to the graphic nature of this course no one under 13 will be allowed without a
paying parent. Minors must have a parent present on the first night to sign a waiver.

    We sincerely hope you never have to protect yourself or your loved ones with the skills
you gain from this course. But, it is better to learn to defend yourself and never use the skills
than to realize you need to defend yourself and not know how to.

    In this course, you will learn combat-tested self defense techniques to real situations in a
safe, supportive and fun environment. There are many self defense courses that teach you to
use pepper spray, blow a whistle, and cry 'fire' when you are attacked. This course is designed
to defend yourself when those techniques fail and your life is in danger.  Descriptions of some
of the topics taught are listed below.

Lethal Force: In order to save your own life we will teach you how to blind and even kill
someone. We will discuss when lethal force is allowable under the law and how and when to
respond in non-lethal ways. We will also explain the legal consequences of lethal force.

    Negate Chokes, Strangles and Throttles: When someone has their hands or a weapon
around your throat, they intend to kill you. Learn how to negate these attacks to save your
own life.

    Weapons: Recognize the four types of weapons and the damage they do. Learn to use non-
standard items as weapons to equalize fights.

    Escape Bear Hugs: Originally, bear hugs were used to break a person’s back. Today they
are often used to carry a victim to a secluded place where the attacker can do harm to the
victim without being caught. Bear hugs can be done over the victim’s arms or under them.
Escape from both types of bear hugs and even defeat your attacker while being held in a bear

    Release Wrist Grabs: Release single, double and two-hands-on-one wrist grabs from any
size of opponent. Defeat opponents while they hold your wrists.
Use Your Body As A Weapon: Learn to fight with your body, head, knees, feet, elbows,
hammer fists, teeth and voice.

    Fight On The Ground: Even with trained combatants, most fights quickly go to the
ground where the best ground fighter wins. Fight from the ground and use postures of
deception to defeat your opponent.
Break Falls: Learn to fall properly to avoid injury in combat and even when skiing or slipping
on ice.

    Criminal and Combat Psychology: Learn how criminals pick victims and how to lower
your chances of becoming a victim. Use the criminals’ way of thinking to your advantage.

    The Power of the Mind: Master the most powerful weapon you possess - your mind.

    Vital Points: Target sensitive vital points on your opponent’s body to defeat larger and
stronger opponents.