The Sacred Way of Tai Chi Chuan
The Chinese characters for Tai Chi stands for "Grand Ultimate Principle". What is this Grand
Principle? It is the Tao. What is the Tao? It is the way of the Universe, the way of Life, the
way of Heaven, the way of Earth. It is the life-force that permeates everything and connects to
everything. We are a part of this energy, built of this energy, and are learning to correctly
utilize it. The Tao is the interplay of all the energies that exist in Creation driven by an
intelligence and a purpose we are only starting to divine.

The practice of Tai Chi Chuan is a method of getting in touch with this energy within
ourselves, as well as becoming sensitive to it in the outer world. By moving with the Tao, one's
life becomes easy and simple, deeper and more profound. By practicing the Tai Chi forms, one
learns to observe and flow with this life-force energy, cultivate it and build it, understand it and
utilize it, and to cherish it for the incredible gift that it is.

There are many forms of Tai Chi available to the public, and almost all of them are focused on
health. Over time numerous changes have been made to many of these styles and not all of the
changes were beneficial. The modern urge to do the form in a hurry, to have the fewest moves,
and to eliminate postures and movements destroys the purpose for which the forms were
originally intended. Shortcuts and deletions, without the deepest understanding of what one is
doing, are detrimental and foolish. Because the original forms were tested and developed
through time by High Masters with many years training coupled with great knowledge and
understanding, the modern "improvements" only serve to weaken those benefits and loses the
integrity of the connection to the Tao. This connection to the Tao, with its healing and
spiritual qualities, was the prime reason for the development and practice of Tai Chi. Many of
today's versions are woefully lacking these deeper connections, and at best can only produce
partial results.

The healing properties so often associated with Tai Chi are the result of our alignment with the
Tao through the movements and integrity of the forms. When we are so aligned, blockages are
removed, energies begin to flow, and we are gently brought to greater health and energetic
abundance. Many symptoms of ill health are removed, and one can get closer to the core of
Being and the flow of life, which in its freedom of flow and movement produces even more

One learns how to channel and focus this mysterious life force energy of the Tao (called "Chi"
by the Chinese), not only for improved health and all it's benefits, but also for self-defense
applications and understanding. Every living thing in this world has its defenses against
energies that would harm or thwart it, and humans are no exception. How we choose to use
these defenses is an individual matter, but the understanding of the energies in all its aspects is
an important part of study. To that end, we teach an 8-Immortals Shen Tao Tai Chi form,
which explores the self-defense aspect of the energies with advanced practitioners who wish to
learn it.

There are many levels of practice associated with our forms, and we invite you to come to our
school and visit, ask any questions, and see if this life-enhancing process is for you.

Benefits of Tai Chi
•  Learn a Chinese way of Cleansing and Healing the Organs through practice of the form
•  Release stress, increase relaxation
•  Develop relaxed focus and deep concentration
•  Enhance your sense of flow and connectedness with the Tao
•  Increase and develop your Awareness
•  Develop whole-body coordination and balance
•   Increase flexibility and stamina
•  Understand the Tao through moving meditation.
•  Experience the health-enhancing Life Force Energy, called Chi
•  Develop flexibility and grace
•  Firm and tone upper and lower body
•  Learn self-defense applications
•  Increase mental focus