Wu Tang Chuan
This traditional Art was created by grandmasters with a careful consideration of its
effectiveness in real combat, real battles, and real war, armed and unarmed.
Techniques were retained when they deserved it, or ruthlessly discarded if they
could not justify the efforts devoted to their practice. Arts of soldiers, weapons
experts, fighters from other countries were all considered, analyzed, and put to the
ultimate acid test -- real combat, to the death, not one time, but over decades. Thus
the Masters incorporated the Tibetan Lama Arts of Pa Chin (8 Dragon Animals), the
Mongol Arts of Wu H'sing (5 Cosmic Elements), with their own Art of Wu Tang Pa
Chi Jen Ch'uan (8 Immortals). This Art became more unified over the centuries and
covers all areas of fighting with many specializations. The specializations include
Specialized Strikes and Kicks, Ground/Grappling Fighting, Weapons Use and
Defense, Hand Toughening, Warrior Meditations, Joint Locks & Controls, Throws,
Nerve Attacks and Defense, Development of the Senses and Greater Awareness,
and Military Strategy & Tactics.

An Introduction To The Animal Systems
The key to developing the enormous lethality by fighting like a Tiger, Snake,
Leopard, Praying Mantis, etc., lies in their special systems of power development.
Through these, a fighter receives special techniques of breath control, meditation
and mind development practices, to control the mind and spirit of an assailant, and
a deep, long-term commitment to a toughening system that develops weapons of
terrifying effectiveness and overwhelming power far, far beyond that of normal men,
and far beyond that of other Martial Arts. This is an entire Art and System, fully as big
as some whole Korean and Japanese Arts. These Systems are built to "fit" the
specific art that produced them over the centuries, and each are totally different in
appearance, practice, results and use in combat from any other Wu Tang Animal
System's techniques.

Toughening, in Wu Tang, when studied along with its appropriate Animal, takes as
much as 9 years to advance in. Many types of herb medicine, striking, kicking,
pulling, gouging, and tearing machines were designed to perfect one special
weapon that no other training could do. Hundreds of years of knowledge is
telescoped into their design. A knowledge of vital points and organ function is
explored with depth, rivalling some medical schools.

There are five complete Martial Arts comprising Imperial Snake Kung Fu. The
closest translation of these Arts names into English would mean: The Arts of the
White Python, Black Cobra, Red Adder, Green Viper, and Blue Asp.

PYTHON is an Art utilizing sheer crushing power. It is defensive (this does not mean
that it waits for someone else to strike the first blow), but that it amplifies the
mistakes an opponent makes with terrible consequences to any attacker who is not
already a highly-skilled pro. It is a system of fighting on the ground second to none.
In China, once the Python fighter got you to the ground there was no hope for you.
Python specializes in suffocation, strangulation, etc., just like the real snake, which
means it can cause collapse, unconsciousness and even death by applying blood
stoppage techniques to your body without ever touching your throat or neck.
The Python toughens hands more extensively than many other Animal styles.
Bricks, wood and concrete are only some of the substances that are broken;
springs, cables, and weights are needed to develop Poison Hand, Venom Hand,
and Death Hand.
The Python perfects Iron Body in which blows from others do little damage or none
at all. This is called Snake-Armoring.

COBRA develops single strike blows that blind or deafen, hard heavy throws, quick
arm breaks - especially breaking a punching arm or kicking leg -- rather than just
blocking it. The Cobra must break boards, (and later, stone) with just the two fingers
of the Cobra's Fang. This is not just an attack to the eyes, but something that can hit
a strong man's chest as hard as some can with a fist, and with only two fingers! The
Cobra has two Iron Rods for fingers that no one can ever take away.
The hand toughening is extensive, nerve knowledge is extremely detailed. The
Python toughens weapons to damage a large area on the body. The Cobra's
weapons damage a much smaller (medium) area on the body, but more deeply.
The Cobra's special hiss places the Cobra in a state of self-hypnosis-like body-
numbness where there is no pain during the fight. The Hiss of Doom exerts a
hypnotic chill of terror on the opponent and often immobilizes and affects actions by
itself alone!

A real-life
ADDER's venom is not just toxic, it is an acid-like fluid that starts to digest
the wound and the limb that was bitten. So to the Chinese, Adder style uses
techniques of acid-mouth snakes such as the Water Moccasin, Cottonmouth, or
Coral Snake.

The Adder's blows pinch, rip, tear, squeeze, so that the toughening chosen for it
involves compressing steel springs with the fingers, ripping and tearing hard
substances apart to get at the soft vulnerable nerves and arteries below.
Pain is not something that goes along with the successful Adder strike as a by-
product of accuracy. Pain is a primary force applied to every block, strike, seizure,
release, etc. The Adder uses Snake-Emotion to numb his own pain.

VIPER has single high-speed techniques designed to combat more than one
opponent. The pain from the screams of one so hit has a terrifying effect on that
assailant's companions! His actions look a little like both Cobra and Adder, but is
short, fast, confusing, ever changing, arising out of a seemingly peaceful placid
position where the Adder explodes into the enemy's face or body.

His toughening is to work on medium range. The Viper must be able to strike an
opponent with substance-breaking power with a flurry of moves (3 to 5 moves in a
second from the same hand, or 2 to 4 moves with both hands in a second). This is
applied to multiple kicks as well. The Viper uses Viper hiss-breathing to
momentarily numb pain when struck. His whole body is not toughened, but rather
he learns to send his (Chi) mental force to an area for an instant to absorb and
repel an attacker's strike.

ASP is like the Black Mamba or tropical ocean Sea Snake; small, fast, and the most
highly poisonous of all snakes; one drop of its venom is equivalent to one hundred
drops of Cobra venom. This is what the Chinese Asp Kung Fu patterns itself after.
Extremely fast-moving, the asp aims to hit an opponent so fast, that his hands are
often not seen by the menacing trouble-maker.

The study of nerves is deep and complex. He normally has no Iron Body techniques,
but the energy that would normally be used to produce these effects is used instead
to make the blow blindingly fast, with greater penetration deep within the body, and
any reserve energy to make himself expert at high speed bobbing, weaving and
evasive maneuvers to get into strike-range.

WILD BOAR specializes in elbows, knees, the head, shoulder and hips; his thumbs
are toughened to dent metal. His techniques often don't kill because Boar Kung-Fu
specializes in combat with more than one opponent. Blows are directed to single,
very vulnerable areas guaranteed to instantly immobilize by organ rupturing, bone-
breaking with one move so that the other lightning-like blows can put down the
attackers with no delay.

His training involves running and jumping high and attacks from positions of
absolute unpredictability or seeming helplessness! He uses a special muscle-
tension system adapted from both Snake and Leopard to give him Iron Body for a
limited period of time that is useful in absorbing chains or a combination of blows.

PRAYING MANTIS seems to be immobile. If he was standing in class, you might not
see him after a time because he would be so quiet. The Mantis is both a doctor and
surgeon of vital points, reaching them and then piercing them below the skin. His
hand toughening stresses breaking with a single finger, but at a speed that blurs
his movements. A Praying Mantis can hit so fast that his blow can be into the target
before a prepared fore-warned person can block the blow and a second time after
the block goes past.

He uses illusion, rather than numbness for body control. Opponents always feel
that they have the target in their grasp when they strike, and always seem to stop
short of it or even miss it without ever knowing why. The Mantis's actions seems so
innocuous and gentle that the enemy never feels their techniques failed due to the
Mantis, and they just keep kicking or striking with a little more speed and power to
break through. Then they find out too late.

The Mantis's knowledge of blood-clot actions, the circulatory system of veins and
arteries, the toxins a damaged gland can secrete into the body and poisoning the
assailant, is second to none.

LEOPARD is king of ground-fighting and exploiting all types of terrain. His footwork
is the fastest in the world! He is a kicking specialist, but he uses less variety of kicks
than the Crane, but kicks as often, and usually faster. He can fight on a 6-inch wide
board 6 feet off the ground. (Leopards would take challenges and duels in old
China this way). He can fight in water, muddy fields, ice or snow. He can rebound
from walls (practically running up them) to add power to his body. He is usually
small or light, medium in size or build.

The Leopard's Iron Body numbs him to 75% of the pain (he feels only a slight ache
during the fight), but has training that allows him to appear very convincingly hurt or
injured, and when the assaulter follows up, punishes the attacker with many
multiple blows that are devastating. In old China, fighting a Leopard, a typical loser
in a combat would be missing an eye, fingers, elbow and shoulder would be
broken, a leg torn or maimed, a mutilated chest and face from claw and paw marks,
and multiple concussions.

Leopards don't go for power; they believe that it is better to hit 8 or 10 times to a
variety of vital points, than have a single powerful blow. They will even snivel, cry,
beg for mercy and do anything to get the assailant to come in to push him around or
try to manhandle him for purposes of degradation, rape or robbery, and then will
use a triple-paw to a "death-zone", killing the opponent in such a graphic way that
gang's other assailants will never get the image of suffering out of their dreams.
Old style kung-fu movies made in China frequently show Leopards fighting in pairs
as a team. This is because Leopards were famous for group battle where two or
three of them could take out five to seven people in a matter of seconds!

The Leopard is acrobatic, and the most skilled in fakes and feints of all the Animals.
His Leopard Paw can cut through a brick like butter. A good Leopard can cut through
two bricks with a single Leopard Paw stroke. He is expert at ambushing opponents
that are in a group chasing him, one at a time, without them being aware of what is
going on.

CRANE is beautiful, smooth and deceptive without trying to be. A Crane Beak from
an average Crane-fighter's can break a brick easily. He is the specialist in kicking.
He frequently has dozens or even a hundred kicks he does well. He can fight (if he
has to) with just his legs against attackers who can use anything they have in an
unrestricted way.

His toughening is the most extensive of many arts'. The Crane links a certain way of
meditating to all of his blows that gives them a speed and penetrating power that
comes from the mind itself! His Art is the most intellectually based and highly
scientific, based on geometry, optical illusions, leverage, anatomy, body dynamics
and muscle kinetics. The crane's defenses mean he does not seem to have to
move around much, and he has a calm, unruffled appearance.

Historically, the Crane did not have to include pain as a strategy in itself. His blows
were directed scientifically against a vital point that had been shown to work in
actual battles. Without emotion, he could use a strike almost invisible to the naked
eye, surgically, to kill instantly, blind, paralyze, or bring down. In the old days, Crane
strikes often could not be distinguished from wounds inflicted by knives, spears,
and axes or even flintlock pistols!

PANTHER is a specialist against the groin, liver, and kidneys. He can deliver terrible
damage to the groin by striking nerves and arteries (ganglionic plexus) not even
near the groin. His attack often involves a high-speed "explosion" of charging,
leaping and body ramming. He will get a person to ground in order to rise and stand
over him for a quick kill. He can leap in the air through a special Art and then grab
onto the head or neck, so the somersault or tumble will break the attacker's head,
neck, and back, killing him. He would attack armored knights crossing a river and
fall with them into the river and drown them. His arm, leg, and wrist locks often
involve a jump that breaks the limb by the body-weight of a gravity-assisted fall.

He can get through any defense by appearing to go berserk, and concentrating his
ripping claws and panther punches in an incredible volley! You therefore could
never fight him passively because you'd get on a downhill road of groundlosing
blocks that ended when you reached the head of the stairs, or crashed into a wall or
fell to the ground, where you could retreat no more.

He would let you hit him hard, regardless of injury, if he knew that the pain and force
of the blow would not stop the technique he would launch at a physiologically weak
organ that could not survive a single attack. Therefore, you would never trade blows
with a Panther! The Black Panther's willingness to get hit to win often resulted in
him being the least damaged in a death-duel or war in ancient China!

A panther fighter must be able to crush a stone or a group of rocks in his grip to be
considered a Panther Master. This is the strength of the Black Panther Grip, and is a
requirement to have when directed against the groin, liver or kidneys. This type of
weapon is so formidable that in the advanced matching our highest ranks
participate in, they are forbidden to wear cup supporters. This is because the
Panther Claw is so powerful it can take and crush a metal cup-supporter around the
testicles and should an accident occur we could not pry it off the pulped organs.

He meditates to develop a mental attitude to completely explode into ferocious,
almost uncontrolled berserk attacks when he is close enough. This "rage-growl"
allows him to develop super-human power while at the same time it looks like he
has crossed the borderline of sanity. He uses this same rage to absorb hurtful
blows and just get more insanely furious.

EAGLE enables an expert to blind a person totally, and for all their life by attacking
certain points in the arms, chest, neck or legs that are seemingly miles away from
the eyes. He can time a leg strike to the second that will release a special clot to
travel to the brain, blinding an adversary. This is because the Eagle is a Blinding
Master, with weapons that can directly blind and go through wood obstructions and
reach the eyes to do it. His blinding weapons are so toughened that missing the
eye will leave holes in the cheek, pulped muscles, or broken bone fragments that
blows will work into the nerves as they hit, destroying a criminal with his own needle
fragments, as it were.

His system is the king of grips and controls. The Eagle style was often used by
police in China to escort two or three criminals to prison. The Eagle could paralyze 5
or 6 people and leave them there while he went to get help. Only he could return
functions to the paralyzed parts of the body. The Eagle toughens the fingers and
grips all sorts of ways. Every grab of an Eagle paralyzed the limb or even part of the
chest or back it grabbed.

He is an expert in escaping from locks, holds and throws. He is also an expert in
applying locks, holds, and throws. He will often match blindfolded. Some of the
highest ranks in the Imperial Guard employed Eagles as Team Commanders.

He knew what pressing every nerve in the arm, leg, hand or ribs could do. His
blocks against punches could shred flesh off an attacker's wrist. His accuracy was
legendary. His Iron Body applied only to special regions. By leaving some areas
unprotected, the protected areas could be 4 times the normal strength Iron Body
confers on these organs. His study of maneuvering in battle was profound. The
training can be a test of will and endurance because it requires such intense focus
of mental concentration.

TIGER is the most aggressive, dynamic of the Animals. He is an attacking Animal
that uses the energy of a misapplied defense to crush his enemies. His techniques
are savage and frightening. It is not easy to secure permission of a Tiger Master to
study Tiger because it is not enough to learn the moves of a Tiger -- you must show
that you have the character and courage to use them!

A Tiger does not just use the claw. Actually the claw is symbolic of families of claw
weapons from as little as six main claws to 24 claws. He rarely defends (he usually
does not need to). He has only limited kicks, as the upper body, knees, head and
limbs are his primary weapons. He can place the palm of his hand on a concrete
block and, forming the claw, tear furrows into the cement block! A claw as a punch
can put 5 holes into the chest! As a rake he can leave five furrows, 1/3 inch deep
from a person's forehead to their belly. He can break necks, twist the head off, break
the spine in 3 places at once. In legend, Tiger was used by several great heroes (in
literature), who only had one arm and won epic duels. He often puts Iron Body into
every square inch of skin surface exposed to danger.

The Animal Substyles
At Wu Tang World Headquarters, there are a number of sub-styles that form the
advanced level of Master Skills attained in the systems mentioned. They are often
Arts of historical personages, bequeathed to the people of the Arts at the various
schools as a legacy of a particular GrandMaster of the Animal that was its parent.
High mastery is needed in the Parent Animal before the other Arts can be learned,
and they often share all the same basics. These are often specializations of areas
already developed to a high degree and part of the fame and reputation of a certain

Imperial Snake Kung Fu
•  Python
•  Cobra
•  Adder
•  Viper
•  Asp
•  The Ghost Bat (Running Combat)
•  The Spider (Black Widow and Tarantula)
•  Centipede, Millipede and Catapillar Ground Fighting
•  Turtle, Tortoise, and Terrapin Ground and Kneeling Fighting
•  Venomous Frog Style
•  Poison Toad Style
•  Lizard Style of wall walking, hanging and climbing
•  Salamander style of strengthening

Wild Boar
•  The Golden Rat Style (Running and Leaping Combat)

Praying Mantis
•  No sub-styles

•  Golden Leopard: Specialization of a certain regular Leopard skill with a partner
•  Dog Style: Ground fighting, Street fighting, and Brawling styles that grew
     popular in the cities such as Canton and Shanghai. Dog fighters were
     ferocious and had an evil reputation.

•  Blue Heron: Very specialized and odd type kicks
•  Green Heron: An art where only legs are used; never arms.
•  Black Crane: A large substyle (a combination of Crane and Snake with a little
     Mantis and a smattering of Boar). Black Crane fighters were ferocious and had
     an evil reputation.

•  Wolf: An Art like Dog, deadly, with fierce-some reputation; a Northern
     (Shanghai) street fighting style.

•  Hawk: An Eagle Style for short and fast people; uses more kicks than Eagle.
•  Falcon: A style that contains elements of Leopard and Eagle.

•  White Tiger: For one-armed men.
•  Black Tiger: For smaller men.
•  Bull: A specialized style often used by the Military.
•  Bear: A powerful style with Tiger "Wrestling" foremost.